Prototype: GemRB.SetVar (VariableName, Value)

Description: Set a Variable of the Global Dictionary. This is an independent dictionary from the gamescript. It contains configuration variables, and provides a flexible interface between guiscript and the engine core. There are some reserved names that are referenced from the core, these are described in different places:

  • variable : described in
  • PlayMode - LoadGame
  • *Window - HideGUI
  • *Position - HideGUI
  • Progress - data_exchange


  • VariableName - the name of the variable (shorter than 32!)
  • Value - numeric, the new value

Return value: N/A


GemRB.SetVar ('ActWinID', ActionsWindow.ID)
GemRB.SetVar ('ActionsPosition', 4)

See also: Control_SetVarAssoc, SetToken, LoadGame, HideGUI

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