Bugs, feature requests, ideas?

GemRB isn’t complete yet plus the potential for extension is almost limitless. We keep track of bugs, wishlist items and other project tasks on our tracker.

Help, I have a problem!

First, please check the common problems list. It also has instructions on how to find the log file. You can use a pastebin service to upload it, so the report will remain readable.

To describe the problem, visit our tracker and report a new issue. Choose the most fitting category and its template will help you fill in the relevant details, so we can quickly understand what is wrong.

For discussions of any sort, rather open a thread on the forum.

It’s also helpful to check that you are using the latest version of GemRB. We can’t help you with problems only present in old releases, plus you’re needlessly missing a lot of goodies. Go update first and check if the problem is still present.

Ideas, feature requests, enhancements

These are all welcome on the same tracker, though we can’t promise we’ll do anything about them. However, it’s a good place if you want to start contributing.

If you are a packager, do let us know, so we can inform you of releases, help upstream any patches and consider your distributions particular needs.

I have other feedback

If it’s not fitting for the tracker, pop in on the forum, Discord or IRC channel and share there. If you found a security issue, contact the authors privately or file an issue on the tracker.