Prototype: GemRB.SetVarAssoc (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, VariableName, LongValue)

Metaclass Prototype: SetVarAssoc (VariableName, LongValue)

Description: It associates a variable name and an optionally bounded value with a control. The control uses this associated value differently, depending on the control. See more about this in ‘data_exchange’.


  • WindowIndex, ControlIndex - the control’s reference
  • Variablename - string, a Global Dictionary Name associated with the control
  • LongValue - numeric, a value associated with the control
  • min - numeric, minimum range value (optional)
  • max - numeric, maximum range value (optional)

Return value: N/A

Special: If the ‘DialogChoose’ variable was set to -1 or 0 during a dialog session, it will terminate (-1) or pick the first available option (0) from the dialog automatically. (0 is used for ‘continue’, -1 is used for ‘end dialogue’).

See also: Button_SetFlags, SetVar, GetVar

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