Prototype: GemRB.CreatePlayer (CREResRef, Slot [,Import, VersionOverride])

Description: Adds an actor (PC) to the current game. It works only after a LoadGame() was executed, and should be used before an EnterGame(). It is also used to import a .chr file as a PC. A new character will need additional SetPlayerStat() and FillPlayerInfo() calls to be a working character. Note: if the slot is already filled, it will delete that pc instead!


  • CREResRef - name of the creature to use, usually ‘charbase’
  • Slot - The player character’s position in the party
  • Import - Set it to 1 if you want to import a .chr instead of creating a new character
  • VersionOverride - Force CRE version of new actor.

Return value: the new player’s index in the game structure


MyChar = GemRB.GetVar ('Slot')
GemRB.CreatePlayer ('charbase', MyChar)

The above example will create a new player character in the slot selected by the Slot variable.

MyChar = GemRB.GetVar ('Slot')
ImportName = 'avenger'
GemRB.CreatePlayer (ImportName, MyChar, 1)

The above example would import avenger.chr into the slot selected by the Slot Variable. If it exists in the Characters directory of the game.

See also: LoadGame, EnterGame, QuitGame, FillPlayerInfo, SetPlayerStat

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