Prototype: GemRB.ApplyEffect (globalID, opcode, param1, param2[, resref, resref2, resref3, source, timing])

Description: Creates a basic effect and applies it on the actor marked by PartyID. This function cam be used to add stats that are stored in effect blocks.


  • globalID - party ID or global ID of the actor to use
  • opcode - the effect opcode (for values see effects.ids)
  • param1 - parameter 1 for the opcode
  • param2 - parameter 2 for the opcode
  • resref - (optional) resource reference to set in effect
  • resref2 - (optional) resource reference to set in the effect
  • resref3 - (optional) resource reference to set in the effect
  • source - (optional) source to set in the effect
  • timing - (optional) timing mode to set in the effect

Return value: N/A


for i in range(ProfCount-8):
  StatID = GemRB.GetTableValue (TmpTable, i+8, 0)
  Value = GemRB.GetVar ('Prof ' + str(i))
  if Value:
    GemRB.ApplyEffect (MyChar, 'Proficiency', Value, StatID)

The above example sets the weapon proficiencies in a bg2’s script.

See also: SpellCast, SetPlayerStat, GetPlayerStat, CountEffects

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