Prototype: GemRB.SpellCast (PartyID, Type, Spell[, ResRef])

Description: Makes PartyID cast a spell of Type. This handles targeting and executes the appropriate scripting command.


  • PartyID - player character’s index in the party
  • Type - switch between casting modes:
    • spell(book) type bitfield (1-mage, 2-priest, 4-innate and iwd2 versions)
    • -1: don’t cast, but reinit the GUI spell list
    • -2: cast from a quickspell slot
    • -3: cast directly, does not require the spell to be memorized
  • Spell - spell’s index in the memorised list
  • ResRef - (optional) spell resref for type -3 casts

Return value: N/A

See also: UseItem

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