Prototype: _GemRB.Control_SetAction (GControl, PythonFunction, EventType[, Button, Mod, Count])

Metaclass Prototype: SetAction (PythonFunction, EventType[, Button, Mod, Count])

Description: Ties an event of a control to a python function


  • PythonFunction - a callback for when the event occurs.
  • EventType - the event type to bind to.
  • Button - the button of the EventType.
  • Mod - the modifier keys (flags).
  • Count - the repeat count of the event.

Return value: N/A


Bar.OnEndReached (EndLoadScreen)
def EndLoadScreen ():
  Skull = LoadScreen.GetControl (1)
  Skull.SetPicture ('GSKULON')

The above example changes the image on the loadscreen when the progressbar reaches the end.

Button.SetAction (Buttons.YesButton, IE_GUI_MOUSE_PRESS, 1, 0, 1) The above example sets up the ‘YesButton’ function from the Buttons module to be called when the button is pressed with the left mouse button one time.

See also: Window_GetControl, Control_SetVarAssoc, SetTimedEvent

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