GemRB V0.5.0 is out

The GemRB team is proud to announce a new major release. The berserking development rage still hasn’t ended and only a month since the last release a few important milestones have been reached. Combat and various actions are now much improved, many of the projectiles that were hardcoded in the IE now work, time is handled better … Coupled with a bunch of other bugfixes and new features this means that now a few of the games are roughly playable beyond their starting areas!

Currently only the sources are available.

Full changelog digest:

New features:

  • SoA, ToB and PST are roughly playable beyond their first levels
  • combat: dual-wielding, APR, proficiency and style boni, dexterity bonus, initiatitive and speed factor, individual combat rounds
  • many IE’s hardcoded projectiles and support for projectile sounds
  • IWD2 GUI now works after chargen too
  • bg2 chargen now levels to the correct level
  • summoned and charmed creatures can be ordered around
  • actor tooltips (name and injury status)
  • running, initial variable values and portal animations in PST
  • hardcoded monk bonuses

Improved features:

  • dialog, actions and triggers
  • combat mechanics, animation, feedback, ranged combat
  • matters of time and matter
  • levelup, dual classing, multiclass handling
  • focus: scrolling while paused is now possible
  • animations (projectile, creature)
  • pathfinding
  • area music restarts when there’s no music playing
  • disarm trap checks skills
  • various guiscripts
  • bugfixes

Applied patches:

  • #2802190 jbmetz (improve the rpm spec handling)
  • #2802437 danamin (patch bomb sanitizing bg1 chargen + bg2 code share)