GemRB V0.5.1 is out

The GemRB team is proud to announce a new “minor” release. A lot more work has been done on projectiles, the scripting system, effects and combat. Combined with the numerous bugfixes, this enabled the first rough, but hackless BG2:SoA runthrough!

Currently only the sources are available.

Full changelog digest:

New features:

  • BG2:SoA is roughly completable!
  • almost all missing IE’s hardcoded projectiles, spell hit projectiles, projectile trails, projectile failure (spell), projectile effectlists
  • auto-reloading of projectile weapons in case the ammo stack runs out
  • damage resistance
  • sorcerer style spellbooks, reading of iwd2 spellbooks
  • target following to other areas
  • the null sound plugin is now always loaded last by default; for old installs see the provided configuration example (DelayPlugin)
  • intelligence and wisdom dictated lore bonus
  • a GUIEnhancements config option (on by default) that enables a few extra controls (for convenience and larger mods)
  • PST death counters (don’t anger the Lady)
  • initial support for targetting by portrait

Improved features:

  • actions, effects and triggers
  • pathfinding, feet circles, fog of war and worldmap travel
  • combat and spellcasting (especially summoning)
  • projectiles
  • config and default table value parsing is smarter about spaces
  • various guiscripts
  • bugfixes

Applied patches:

  • various patches from nugrud for bg2 gui enhancements
  • fix compilation (with cmake) on OS X, by hanicka