Prototype: GemRB.SetupQuickSlot (PartyID, QuickSlotID, InventorySlot[, AbilityIndex])

Description: Sets up a quickslot or weapon slot to point to a particular inventory slot. Also sets the used ability for that given quickslot. If the abilityindex is omitted, it will be assumed as 0. If the InventorySlot is -1, then it won’t be assigned to the quickslot (this way you can alter the used Ability index only). If the QuickSlotID is 0, then it will try to find the quickslot/weaponslot by the InventorySlot, and assign the AbilityIndex to it. (Use this if you don’t know the exact quick slot, or don’t care to find it).


  • PartyID - the PC’s position in the party (1 based)
  • QuickSlotID - the quickslot to set up
  • InventorySlot - the inventory slot assigned to this quickslot, this is usually constant and taken care by the core
  • AbilityIndex - the number of the item extended header to use with this quickslot

Return value: N/A

See also: GetEquippedQuickSlot, SetEquippedQuickSlot

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