Prototype: GemRB.GetStore ([righthand])

Description: Gets the basic header information of the current store and returns it in a dictionary.


  • righthand - set to non-zero to query the right-hand store (bag) instead

Return value: dictionary

  • ‘StoreType’ - numeric (see IESDP)
  • ‘StoreName’ - the StrRef of the store name
  • ‘StoreDrinkCount’ - the count of drinks served (tavern)
  • ‘StoreCureCount’ - the count of cures served (temple)
  • ‘StoreItemCount’ - the count of items sold, in case of PST the availability trigger is also checked
  • ‘StoreCapacity’ - the capacity of the store
  • ‘StoreRoomPrices’ - a four elements tuple, negative if the room type is unavailable
  • ‘StoreButtons’ - a four elements tuple, possible actions
  • ‘StoreFlags’ - the store flags if you ever need them, StoreButtons is a digested information, but you might have something else in mind based on these
  • ‘TavernRumour’ - ResRef of tavern rumour dialog
  • ‘TempleRumour’ - ResRef of temple rumour dialog

See also: EnterStore, GetStoreCure, GetStoreDrink, GetRumour

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