Prototype: GemRB.ExecuteString (String[, Slot])

Description: Executes an in-game script action in the current area script context. This means that LOCALS will be treated as the current area’s variable. If a number was given, it will execute the action in the numbered actor’s context.


  • String - a gamescript action
  • Slot - a player slot or global ID

Return value: N/A


GemRB.ExecuteString('ActionOverride([PC], Attack(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) )')

The above example will force a player (most likely Player1) to attack an enemy, issuing the command as it would come from the current area’s script. The current gametype must support the scripting action.

GemRB.ExecuteString('Attack(NearestEnemyOf(Myself))', 2)

The above example will force Player2 to attack an enemy, as the example will run in that actor’s script context.

See also: EvaluateString, gamescripts

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