Prototype: GemRB.DropDraggedItem (PartyID, Slot)

Description: Put currently dragged item to specified PC and slot. Stop dragging. Dropping the item in an invalid slot will result in 0. Partial success may happen if the item was dropped into a stack, but not all items were moved. The dragging status will be removed only after a complete success. Not all inventory slots may carry any type of item. The item could be dropped in an unspecified inventory slot, the ground, or an equippable slot fitting for the item.


  • PartyID - the actor’s inparty index
  • Slot - the Inventory Slot or special values:
    • -1 any equippable slot fitting for the item
    • -2 ground
    • -3 any empty inventory slot

Return value: integer, 0 (failure), 1 (partial success), 2 (success) or 3 (swapped item)

See also: DragItem, IsDraggingItem, CanUseItemType

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