Metaclass Prototype: SetColor (Color[, Index])

Description: Set the control’s desired text color as a rgb dict. Specifics depend on control type:

  • text area: set the text color corresponding to the index, which is from GUIDefines:
    • TA_COLOR_NORMAL: text color
    • TA_COLOR_INITIALS: color of the artful initial
    • TA_COLOR_BACKGROUND: text background color
    • TA_COLOR_OPTIONS: color of pick-one selection options
    • TA_COLOR_HOVER: color of options on hover
    • TA_COLOR_SELECTED: color of the selected option
  • button: set the text color
  • label: set the text color and enable color mode (black background by default)


  • GTextArea - the TextArea to set a color for
  • Color - Python dictionary of r,g,b,a color values
  • Index - the COLOR_TYPE

Return value: N/A

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