Metaclass Prototype: SetState (State)

Description: Sets the state of a Button Control. Doesn’t work if the button is a checkbox or a radio button though, their states are handled internally.


  • State - the new state of the button:
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_ENABLED = 0x00000000, default state
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_UNPRESSED = 0x00000000, same as above
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_PRESSED = 0x00000001, the button is pressed
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_SELECTED = 0x00000002, the button stuck in pressed state
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_DISABLED = 0x00000003, the button is disabled
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_LOCKED = 0x00000004, the button is inactive (like DISABLED, but processes MouseOver events and draws UNPRESSED bitmap)
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_FAKEDISABLED = 0x00000005, draws DISABLED bitmap, but it isn’t disabled
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_FAKEPRESSED = 0x00000006, draws PRESSED bitmap, but it isn’t shifted

Return value: N/A

See also: Button_SetFlags

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