Prototype: GemRB.SetButtonBorder (GButton, BorderIndex, Color, [enabled=0, filled=0, Rect=None])

Metaclass Prototype: SetBorder (BorderIndex, Color, [enabled=0, filled=0, Rect=None])

Description: Sets border/frame/overlay parameters for a button. This command can be used for drawing a border around a button, or to overlay it with a tint (like with unusable or unidentified item’s icons).


  • GButton - the control’s reference
  • BorderIndex - 0, 1 or 2
  • RGBA - red,green,blue,opacity components of the border colour
  • enabled - 1 means enable it immediately
  • filled - 1 means draw it filled (overlays)
  • Rect - the border rectangle (the button frame if None)

Return value: N/A


color = {'r' : 200, 'g' : 0, 'b' : 0, 'a' : 64}
IconButton.SetBorder (0, color, 0, 1)

Not known spells are drawn darkened (the whole button will be overlaid).

See also: Button_EnableBorder

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