Prototype: GemRB.SetButtonBAM (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, BAMResRef, CycleIndex, FrameIndex, col1)

Metaclass Prototype: SetBAM (BAMResRef, CycleIndex, FrameIndex[, col1])

Description: Sets the Picture of a Button Control from a BAM file. If the supplied color gradient value is the default -1, then no palette change, if it is >=0, then it changes the 4-16 palette entries of the bam. Since it uses 12 colors palette, it has issues in PST.


  • WindowIndex, ControlIndex - the control’s reference
  • BAMResRef - the name of the BAM animation (a .bam resref)
  • CycleIndex, FrameIndex - the cycle and frame index of the picture in the bam
  • col1 - the gradient number, (-1 no gradient)

Return value: N/A

See also: Button_SetPLT, Button_SetPicture, Button_SetSprites

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