Cheat and debug keys

Following is a list of cheats you can use during play or development of GemRB.

Most of them do the same thing as the original cheats, so we will list here only the differences and important ones.

Cheat keys are enabled by default.

Pop-up console

You can toggle the console with the Ctrl+Space key combination, which will open or close it respectively at the top of the screen. It accepts all GUIScript commands and python expressions. The GemRB module is already imported, so it’s enough to call GameSetPartyGold(1000) instead of GemRB.GameSetPartyGold(1000).

Additionally, a few common functions have shorthands defined, so things can be done faster (eg. mta() for MoveToArea()).

When you want to see the output of functions, remember to print it. You can also redirect the log to also display in the game message window with MessageWindowDebug(5).

Cheats and conveniences

  • Ctrl-C (different) - Force casts a hardcoded spell. The last selected actor is the caster and the target is the door/actor currently under the pointer. This currently casts knock (SPWI207).
  • Ctrl-D (different) - Trap or trapped container pointed w/ mouse is disarmed.
  • Ctrl-F (different) - Toggles fullscreen mode
  • Ctrl-V (unknown) - Explores a small, random part of the pointed area.
  • Ctrl-W (new) - Consolidate visible loot under the cursor into a single pile
  • Ctrl-Y (similar) - Kills pointed actor or unlocks the pointed door/container, even if it requires a key.
  • ALT (same) - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_CONTAINERS (show all containers and doors)
  • Ctrl-7 (different) - Toggle drawing of Fog of war and the explored bitmap.


  • Ctrl-M (similar) - Prints (on terminal or DOS window) useful info on pointed actor, door container or infopoint and current map
    • Ctrl-Shift-M - Prints a debug dump of the chosen actor’s animations
  • Ctrl-B (different) - N/A
  • Ctrl-I (different) - Triggers an interaction between the last pointed npc and a random party member.
  • Ctrl-L (similar) - Plays the S056ICBL animation over the actor. (This exists in PST only)
  • Ctrl-O (different) - N/A
  • Ctrl-U (different) - Dumps GLOBAL GameScript variables.
  • Ctrl-Shift-U (different) - Dumps death variables.
  • Ctrl-Shift-V (new) - Dumps the main dictionary (eg. baldur.ini options and other engine vars).
  • Ctrl-4 (same) - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_INFOPOINTS (show all traps, infopoints and wallgroups).
  • Ctrl-5 (different) - Cycles through a few debug modes related to wall polygons
  • Ctrl-6 (different) - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_LIGHTMAP (show the lightmap).
  • Ctrl-8 (different) - Toggle drawing of searchmap over the area in GameControl.


  • Ctrl-A (similar) - Alters the animation ID of the actor. You have to hover your mouse over it.
  • Ctrl-Z (unknown) - Same as Ctrl-A but backward
  • Ctrl-S (similar) - Alters the stance (animation state) of the actor. You have to hover your mouse over it.