New homepage! (Minimal Mistakes edition)

Welcome to our new website! It has been long overdue, but of course we’re in the engine building “business”, not the web development one. Eventually our old Dokuwiki based page started causing enough problems that we decided to do something about it.

We hope the new site does the project more justice and that you will have an easier time finding relevant information. It hasn’t been just copied over, but thoroughly reviewed, combined, deleted, reworked and more of it added.

Do explore it and let us know if anything is unclear, missing or if you have other feedback. For anyone interested in the technical side, read on …

The new site is Jekyll-based and hosted on GitHub Pages, bringing us these benefits:

  • lower maintenance burden, so we can focus on the content
    • at the same time it’s now possible to override the layout when needed, like on the landing page or the function index
    • we get SSL without needing to lift a finger, since Let’s Encrypt is integrated into GitHub Pages
    • greater security and speed, since the pages are static
    • no login management headaches, while maintaining easy editing for everyone
    • the theme is remote (we don’t need to have a copy in the repo) and will see further updates, while at the same time our slight changes to it are separated out, so updating will require just updating the version number in the main configuration file
  • a responsive mobile-compatible design
  • the gallery plugin very simply solves our image presentation problems
  • if we ever create any videos worth embedding, that is now simple as well

It also means we finally pass all the basic Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices checks, both showing our maturity and forcing us to keep improving.

The domain will start redicting here shortly.