GemRB 0.9.2 released! (Dragon’s horde edition)

The GemRB team is proud to announce a new major release.

It brings in many improvements for Planescape: Torment, configurable AI speed, improved performance and others. Notably GemRB now also supports PVR(Z) based formats, making content creation easier, most new opcodes/actions/triggers and together with some infrastructural changes, BG2EE games can now be loaded (still not playable though!).

Sources and packages are available. You can get them from here.

Full changelog digest:

GemRB v0.9.2 (2023-07-08):
  New features:
    - PVR(Z), BAM2, MOS2 and TIS2 support
    - support for higher AI speeds ("FPS") and VSync
    - support for EE-style saves, TLK locations and many more tables
    - PST's floating text and personalized pc comments
    - optional smooth fog of war on SDL >= 2.0.18
    - 3e-style sneak attack and crippling strike from HoW/iwdee
    - Anbernic device support

  Improved features:
    - PST effect durations
    - performance, pathfinding, formations
    - combat, opcodes, EE compat, hp handling, demo
    - bugfixes

Thanks to everyone that contributed their time, including: Brad Allred, Bubb, burner1024, desecaw13, dikau, fizzet, FrElvire, Jaka Kranjc, kloptops, Konrad Klimaszewski, majcosta, MarcelHB, Mingun, Rod Batten, Rodrigo Santellan, Tomsod, Zoltan Gyokeres.

Notes to packagers:

  • optional CapFPS, GameLanguagePath and GameMoviesPath keys have been added to the sample configs
  • an upgrade to C++14 standard will occur after this release

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