10th anniversary of GemRB and the 0.6.2 release!

Exactly ten years ago, the project was registered on SourceForge. Over the years this enabled multiple people to contribute, track bugs and host releases. Started by a single coder who has since moved on to other things, it is now developed by a healthy team of IE fans. To celebrate this anniversary, a new release was made. While it is minor by number, a lot of annoying bugs were fixed since 0.6.1!

This is also a nice chance to say “thank you” to the wider IE community. Without the continued interest and help in the exploration of various engine bugs/features, our work would be a lot more daunting and much less gratifying. So thanks and keep it up! :)

Full changelog digest:

GemRB V0.6.2 (2010-08-21): New features:

  • a basic SDL_mixer plugin for faster, but lower-quality audio
  • dualclassing for bg1 and iwd
  • new triggers, actions, infravision
  • feet circle flickering on portrait hover, coloration in dialog
  • wisdom xp bonus (pst)

Improved features:

  • actions, triggers, object matching
  • item loading and ability selection, inventory
  • projectiles, effects, subtitles, verbal constants
  • the core and guiscript design was cleaned up in many places
  • bugfixes

Applied patches:

  • backslash check patch from anthiste
  • bg1 character generation patch from Maighstir
  • a crosscompiling fix from F.Fischer