Prototype: GemRB.GetStoreItem (index[, righthand])

Description: Gets the item resref, price and other details of a store item referenced by the index. In case of PST stores the item’s availability is also checked against the availability triggers.


  • index - the number of the item in the store list
  • righthand - set to non-zero to query the right-hand store (bag) instead

Return value: dictionary

  • ‘ItemResRef’ - the ResRef of the item
  • ‘ItemName’ - the StrRef of the item’s name (identified or not)
  • ‘ItemDesc’ - the StrRef of the item’s description (identified or not)
  • ‘Price’ - the price of the item (subtract this from the party gold)
  • ‘Amount’ - the amount of item in store (-1 means infinite)
  • ‘Usages0’ - The primary charges of the item (or the item’s stack amount if the item is stackable).
  • ‘Usages1’ - The secondary charges of the item.
  • ‘Usages2’ - The tertiary charges of the item.
  • ‘Flags’ - Item flags.
  • ‘Purchased’ - The count of purchased items of this type.

See also: EnterStore, GetStoreDrink, GetStoreCure, GetStore, GetSlotItem

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