Prototype: GemRB.GetSlotItem (PartyID, slot[, translated])

Description: Returns dictionary with the specified actor’s inventory slot data. Or the dragged item if globalID is 0. If translated is nonzero, the slot will not be looked up again.


  • PartyID - the PC’s position in the party
  • slot - the item’s inventory slot
  • translated - look up the slot again (useful for quickweapons)

Return value: dictionary

  • ‘ItemResRef’ - The name of the item (.itm resref)
  • ‘Usages0’ - The primary charges of the item (or the item’s stack amount if the item is stackable).
  • ‘Usages1’ - The secondary charges of the item.
  • ‘Usages2’ - The tertiary charges of the item.
  • ‘Flags’ - Item flags:
    • IE_INV_ITEM_IDENTIFIED = 1, The item is identified.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_UNSTEALABLE = 2, The item is unstealable.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_STOLEN = 4, The item is stolen.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_UNDROPPABLE =8, The item is undroppable.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_ACQUIRED = 0x10, The item was recently moved.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_DESTRUCTIBLE = 0x20, The item is removable (sellable or destructible).
    • IE_INV_ITEM_EQUIPPED = 0x40, The item is currently equipped.
    • IE_INV_ITEM_STACKED = 0x80, The item is a stacked item.
  • ‘Header’ - Item’s extended header assigned to the inventory slot (the ability to use). Only applicable to quickslots.

See also: GetItem, Button_SetItemIcon, ChangeItemFlag

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