Prototype: GemRB.CheckFeatCondition (partyslot, a_stat, a_value, b_stat, b_value, c_stat, c_value, d_stat, d_value[, a_op, b_op, c_op, d_op])

Description: Checks if a party character is eligible for a feat. The formula is: (stat[a]~a or stat[b]~b) and (stat[c]~c or stat[d]~d). Where ~ is a relational operator. If the operators are omitted, the default operator is >=.


  • partyslot - the characters position in the party
  • a_stat … d_stat - stat IDs
  • a_value … d_value - stat value limits
  • a_op … d_op - operator to use for comparing x_stat to x_value

Return value: bool

See also: GetPlayerStat, SetPlayerStat

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