Looking for Planescape: Torment testers

Since the last release a month ago, a lot of work went into pst compatibility. As far as I know, it can now be finished with gemrb! So we’re looking for testers to find any last blocking issues or rarer scripting/dialog bugs. Chiv made a nice wiki page with the details, but since many things changed, a new playthrough is needed:



  • think of it as story-mode, since some gameplay elements are still wonky or missing
  • http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_bugs
  • that link and our general todo cover a lot of stuff, so no need to report duplicates
  • I’m not interested in minutiae, but if you’re the type to notice them and can verify the difference in the original, go for it — it will come handy some other time

It’d be best if you could come to our irc channel when having problems, but noting stuff here is also fine.

As always, recent builds are in the Buildbot Binaries folder: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/

Testing of other games is also welcome, of course, as always, as some changes were not game-specific.

Thanks and enjoy the g3 revival!