GemRB 0.8.3 released! (Party hard edition)

GemRB 0.8.3 released!

The GemRB team is proud to announce a new sweet release.

The text subsystem rewrite that was merged right after the previous release took a lot of effort to stabilize (some kinks remain), but is now mostly complete. As with most under-the-hood work, only dedicated users would spot a difference. More obvious is the support for parties larger than 6 in combination with the 10pp mod (to fix the data). The rest of our mods were also fully converted to WeiDU for simpler installation. On top of that, the usual hundreds of fixes and polishes that should make this one of our best releases yet!

Full changelog digest:

GemRB v0.8.3 (2015-07-23):

New features:
- text system rewrite for better fidelity, performance and maintainability
- 10 player party support (see the 10pp mod for the script part)
- basic test suite for the text system
- more tobex triggers and actions
- smart cast-on-rest logic

Improved features:
- android build system script is now complete and rerunable
- combat and spell immunities/bounces, contingencies/sequencers
- iwd2 scripting and effects
- bugfixes