GemRB V0.4.0 is out

The GemRB team is proud to announce a new release. Development pace has skyrocketed and a few important milestones have been reached. You can now level up in bg2 (dual classing included), area-of-effect spells are now drawn, ranged attacking works … Add a bunch of bugfixes and polishing and you get this great release.

Currently only the sources are available.

New features:

  • level up support in bg2
  • basic party reordering
  • bashing of containers and doors
  • persistent area effects (cloudkill, stinking cloud, web, etc.)
  • item amount window for stack splitting (shift+click or doubleclick)
  • depletion of item charges
  • opcodes: disable spellcasting, cutscene2 (pocketplane travel), knock, clear air, polymorph, disable button
  • dynamic scrollbar creation (display of more than 10 kits, 24 spells)
  • portrait effect icons
  • item ability selection
  • character customization

Improved features:

  • fog of war
  • party reformation
  • iwd and how guiscripts have been merged
  • traps
  • pst dialogs
  • regeneration, hp bonuses, healing
  • animations and projectiles
  • rewritten MVE player
  • ranged combat
  • various guiscripts
  • bugfixes

Applied patches:

  • #2770564 Whiteclone (pst options window bug)
  • numerous patches from mattinm finishing the level up support
  • a few patches from ape fixing and extending iwd
  • #2579743 jbmetz added RPM spec files