GemRB V0.3.2 is out

A new GemRB release is out! Currently only the sources are available.

The release brings a bunch of smaller new features, a big guiscript change and a lot of polish.

GemRB V0.3.2 (2009-02-16):

New features:

  • default cancel button, bound to the escape key
  • tooltip animations and a shortcut (tab)
  • wrapper python classes that simplified the GUIScripts
  • trap detection, removal, triggering, xp, feedback, autopause
  • modal effects
  • proper xp award for dual- and multiclass actors
  • double click (used in the map window)
  • click-and-hold incrementing/decrementing
  • accumulate kill statistics
  • characters can move while the map is open
  • sound on item equip
  • arbitrary feat prerequisites in iwd2
  • hard pause for all games (originally a ToB feature); triggered with ‘h’
  • extended night areas (originally a bg2 feature)

Improved features:

  • walking animation timing
  • formations (arbitrary sizes, rotation, cursor)
  • ppc support (no more crashes)
  • container/door/infopoint cursor and highlight handling
  • various guiscripts
  • cmake build system (now really works on *nix)
  • magic item exclusion
  • stores and bags
  • fixed attack loop when target dies
  • bugfixes

Applied patches:

  • #2159734 Zefklop (Mouse activity during movies)
  • #2243323 Zefklop (correct Openal cleanup)
  • #2263333 Whiteclone (bg1 guiinv)
  • #2380891 Amikrop (iwd1 guicommonwindows)