Touch input

GemRB supports various input gestures to facilitate playing with a touchscreen. Most gestures can be configured in the GemRB.cfg; although, at this time, only the number of fingers is configurable.

Basic Touch Commands

  • Keyboard show/hide: swipe up with 3 fingers to show; down to hide.
  • Console pop: swipe up with 3 fingers with the keyboard already showing.
  • Display Info (tab+alt) touch the viewport with 2 fingers.
  • Scroll the Viewport drag the viewport with 2 fingers.
  • Scroll text areas drag with any number of fingers except NumFingKBoard. TextAreas will scroll 1px for every px you move your finger.
  • Right Click click and hold for a right click.

Advanced Gestures

  • Formation Rotation: touch and hold with one finger (until right click) to set the formation pivot point. then touch with a second finger to set an application point then move the second finger to rotate the formation. Release both fingers to end the gesture.