Metaclass Prototype: GetDestinationArea ([RndEncounter])

Description: Returns a dictionary of the selected area by the worldmap control. If the route is blocked, then Distance will return a negative value and Destination/Entrance won’t be set. Random encounters could be optionally evaluated. If the random encounter flag is set, the random encounters will be evaluated too.


  • RndEncounter - check for random encounters?

Return value: Dictionary

  • Target - The target area selected by the player
  • Distance - The traveling distance, if it is negative, the way is blocked
  • Destination - The area resource reference where the player arrives (if there was a random encounter, it differs from Target)
  • Entrance - The area entrance in the Destination area, it could be empty, in this casethe player should appear in middle of the area

See also: Window_CreateWorldMapControl, CreateMovement

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