Prototype: GemRB.UseItem (globalID, Slot, header[,forcetarget])

Description: Makes the actor try to use an item. If slot is non-negative, then header is the header of the item in the ‘slot’. If slot is -1, then header is the index of the item functionality in the use item list. If slot is -2, then header is the quickslot index. This handles targeting and executes the appropriate scripting command.


  • globalID - party ID or global ID of the actor to use
  • Slot - item’s inventory slot
  • header - item index from the SetupEquipmentIcons list, an item may have multiple entries, because of multiple features
  • forcetarget - overrides Target number if set

Return value: N/A

See also: CanUseItemType, SpellCast, Window_SetupEquipmentIcons

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