Prototype: GemRB.UnmemorizeSpell (PartyID, SpellType, Level, Index[, onlydepleted])

Description: Unmemorizes specified memorized spell. If onlydepleted is set, it will only remove an already depleted spell (with the same resref as the provided spell).


  • PartyID - the PC’s position in the party
  • SpellType - 0 - priest, 1 - wizard, 2 - innate
  • Level - the memorized spell’s level
  • Index - the memorized spell’s index
  • onlydepleted - remove only an already depleted spell with the same resref as the specified spell

Return value: boolean, 1 on success

See also: MemorizeSpell, GetMemorizedSpellsCount, GetMemorizedSpell

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