Prototype: GemRB.TextAreaAppend (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, String Strref [, Row[, Flag]])
Metaclass Prototype: Append (String Strref [, Row[, Flag]])

Description: Appends the Text to the TextArea Control in the Window. If row is specificed, it can also append text to existing rows.


  • WindowIndex, ControlIndex - the control’s reference
  • String - literal text, it could have embedded colour codes
  • Strref - a string index from the dialog.tlk table.
  • Row - the row of text to add the text to, if omitted, the text will be added (in a new row) after the last row.
  • Flag - the flags for QueryText (if strref resolution is used)
    • 1 - strrefs displayed (even if not enabled by default)
    • 2 - sound (plays the associated sound)
    • 4 - speech (works only with if sound was set)
    • 256 - strrefs not displayed (even if allowed by default)

Return value: Index of the row appended or changed

See also: TextArea_Clear, Control_SetText, Control_QueryText

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