Prototype: GemRB.GetSymbolValue (GSymbol, StringVal IntVal)
Metaclass Prototype: GetValue (StringVal IntVal)

Description: Returns a field of a IDS Symbol Table.


  • GSymbol - returned by a previous LoadSymbol command
  • StringVal - name of the symbol to resolve (first column of .ids file)
  • IntVal - value of the symbol to find (second column of .ids file)

Return value:

  • numeric, if the symbol’s name was given (the value of the symbol)
  • string, if the value of the symbol was given (the symbol’s name)


align = GemRB.GetPlayerStat (pc, IE_ALIGNMENT)
ss = GemRB.LoadSymbol ('ALIGN')
sym = GemRB.GetSymbolValue (ss, align)

The above example will find the symbolic name of the player’s alignment.

See also: LoadSymbol, Table_GetValue

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