Prototype: GemRB.GetSpell (ResRef[, silent])

Description: Returns dictionary with the specified spell’s data. If silent is set, nothing will be printed to the console.


  • ResRef - the resource reference of the spell.
  • silent - turn off verbose output.

Return value: dictionary

  • ‘SpellName’ - strref of unidentified name.
  • ‘SpellDesc’ - strref of unidentified description.
  • ‘SpellbookIcon’ - the spell’s icon (.bam resref)
  • ‘SpellExclusion’ - the excluded schools and alignments
  • ‘SpellDivine’ - this field tells divine magics apart
  • ‘SpellSchool’ - the spell’s school (primary type)
  • ‘SpellType’ - the type of text that appears on spell dispelling
  • ‘SpellLevel’ - the spell’s level
  • ‘Completion’ - the spell’s completion sound
  • ‘SpellTargetType’ - the spell’s target type
  • ‘SpellSecondary’ - the spell’s secondary type
  • ‘HeaderFlags’ - the spell’s header flags
  • ‘NonHostile’ - is the spell considered hostile?
  • ‘SpellResRef’ - the spell’s resource reference

See also: GetItem, Button_SetSpellIcon, spell_structure(IESDP)

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