Prototype: GemRB.GetPCStats (PartyID)

Description: Returns dictionary of PC’s performance stats.


  • PartyID - the PC’s position in the party (1 based)

Return value: A Python dictionary containing the following items

  • ‘BestKilledName’ - strref of killed creature with biggest XP
  • ‘BestKilledXP’ - XP value of this creature
  • ‘JoinDate’ - date joined the team
  • ‘KillsChapterXP’ - total XP from kills gathered in this chapter
  • ‘KillsChapterCount’- total number of kills in this chapter
  • ‘KillsTotalXP’ - total XP from kills
  • ‘KillsTotalCount’ - total number of kills
  • ‘FavouriteSpell’ - spell used the most of the time
  • ‘FavouriteWeapon’ - weapon bringing the most kill XP

See also: GetPlayerStat

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