Prototype: GemRB.GameSelectPC (PartyID, Selected[, Flags = SELECT_NORMAL])

Description: Selects or deselects a PC. Note: some things use a different PC selection mechanism (dialogs and stores are not unified yet).


  • PartyID - the PC’s position in the party, 0 means ALL
  • Selected - boolean
  • Flags - bitflags
    • SELECT_REPLACE - if set deselect all other actors
    • SELECT_QUIET - do not run SelectionHandler (no GUI feedback)

Return value: N/A


def SelectAllOnPress ():
  GemRB.GameSelectPC (0, 1)

The above function is associated to the ‘select all’ button of the GUI screen.

See also: GameIsPCSelected, GameSelectPCSingle, GameGetSelectedPCSingle, GameGetFirstSelectedPC

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