10 player party mod released

Heard you like parties

10pp screenshot

Yes, the latest code supports displaying as many party members as your gui allows. There are no scrollbars, but once we add those, this limit can go away.

The mod is complete, read the docs and instructions here: https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/gemrb-mods/tree/master/10pp

Testing with other mods and/or finding appropriate overrides is very welcome.

I’m starting a test playthrough with monk/sorcerer, wisdom xp mod, iwd2-style output and the normal mods: fixpack, dbg, haldamir, tashia, saradas and kivan … Edit: and finished, these mods go on the verified list.

Boring battle video: https://youtu.be/0W0w_i6vNjs