GemRB 0.2.5 released

Hi all, we made another tasty release of GemRB. This time the linux binary hopefully works.

What’s new?

New features:

  • Save game
  • Effects are now loaded
  • Equipping effects in items
  • Spawn points in areas
  • Textscreen (scrolled text between chapters)

Improved features:

  • GameScript is now much more reliable: Action override works, triggers fire once and then get cleared
  • fully working Store screen
  • fixed padding of message window rows (in dialogs)

Release note for linux binary:

This package is meant to be unpacked into /usr/local (or into /usr/local/stow/gemrb). Hopefully the libraries should load properly this time.

  • don’t forget to do ldconfig after installing the package
  • edit the config file