Prototype: GemRB.AdjustScrolling (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, x, y)

Metaclass Prototype: AdjustScrolling (x, y)

Description: Sets the scrolling offset of a WorldMapControl.


  • WindowIndex - the windows’s reference
  • ControlIndex - the control’s reference
  • x, y - scrolling offset values

Return value: N/A


  # northeast
  Button = GemRB.GetControl (Window, 9)
  Button.SetEvent (IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_PRESS, 'MapNE') ...

def MapNE(): WorldMapControl.AdjustScrolling (10, -10) return The above lines set up a button event. When the button is pressed the worldmap will be shifted in the northeastern direction.

See also: [[guiscript:Window_CreateWorldMapControl]

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