Prototype: GemRB.SetWindowPos (WindowIndex, X, Y, [Flags=WINDOW_TOPLEFT])

Metaclass Prototype: SetPos (X, Y, [Flags=WINDOW_TOPLEFT])

Description: Moves a Window.


  • WindowIndex - the index returned by LoadWindow()
  • X,Y - placement of the window, see Flags below for meaning for each flag
  • Flags - bitmask of WINDOW_TOPLEFT (etc.), used to modify the meaning of X and Y.
    • TOPLEFT : X, Y are coordinates of upper-left corner.
    • CENTER : X, Y are coordinates of window’s center.
    • ABSCENTER: window is placed at screen center, moved by X, Y.
    • RELATIVE : window is moved by X, Y.
    • SCALE : window is moved by diff of screen size and X, Y, divided by 2.
    • BOUNDED : the window is kept within screen boundaries.

Note: All flags except WINDOW_BOUNDED are mutually exclusive

Return value: N/A


  x, y = GemRB.GetVar ('MenuX'), GemRB.GetVar ('MenuY')
  GemRB.SetWindowPos (Window, x, y, WINDOW_CENTER | WINDOW_BOUNDED)

The above example is from the PST FloatMenuWindow script. It centers pie-menu window around the mouse cursor, but keeps it within screen.

See also: Window_SetSize, Control_SetPos

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