Prototype: GemRB.CreateWorldMapControl (WindowIndex, ControlID, x, y, w, h, direction[, font, recolor])

Metaclass Prototype: CreateWorldMapControl (ControlID, x, y, w, h, direction[, font, recolor])

Description: This command creates a special WorldMapControl, which is currently unavailable via .chu files. If WindowIndex and ControlID (not ControlIndex!) point to a valid control, it will replace that control with the WorldMapControl using the original control’s dimensions (x,y,w,h are ignored).


  • WindowIndex - the value returned from LoadWindow
  • ControlID - the new control will be available via this controlID
  • x,y,w,h - X position, Y position, Width and Height of the control
  • direction - travel direction (-1 to ignore)
  • font - font used to display names of map locations
  • recolor - recolor map icons (bg1)

Return value: N/A


   Window = GemRB.LoadWindow (0)
   Window.CreateWorldMapControl (4, 0, 62, 640, 418, Travel, 'floattxt')
   WorldMapControl = Window.GetControl (4)

See also: WorldMap_GetDestinationArea, CreateMovement

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