Prototype: GemRB.CreateMapControl (WindowIndex, ControlID, x, y, w, h, [LabelID, FlagResRef[, Flag2ResRef]])

Metaclass Prototype: CreateMapControl (ControlID, x, y, w, h, [LabelID, FlagResRef [, Flag2ResRef]]

Description: Creates and adds a new Area Map Control to a Window. If WindowIndex and ControlID (not ControlIndex!) point to a valid control, it will replace that control with the MapControl using the original control’s dimensions (x,y,w,h are ignored). It is possible to associate a variable with the MapControl, in this case, the associated variable will enable or disable mapnotes (you must supply a LabelID and the resources for the pins).


  • WindowIndex - the value returned from LoadWindow
  • ControlID - the new control will be available via this controlID
  • x,y,w,h - X position, Y position, Width and Height of the control
  • LabelID - associated control ID to display mapnotes, it must be a label
  • FlagResRef - Resource Reference for the pins, if no Flag2ResRef is given, this should be a .bam resref. If there is a second resref, then both must be .bmp.
  • Flag2ResRef - the readonly mapnotes are marked by this .bam (red pin)

Return value: N/A

See also: Control_SetVarAssoc, SetMapnote

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