Prototype: GemRB.CreateLabel(WindowIndex, ControlID, x, y, w, h, font, text, align)

Metaclass Prototype: CreateLabel(ControlID, x, y, w, h, font, text, align)

Description: Creates and adds a new Label to a Window.


  • WindowIndex - the value returned from LoadWindow
  • ControlID - the new control will be available via this controlID
  • x,y,w,h - X position, Y position, Width and Height of the control
  • font - a .bam resref which must be listed in fonts.2da too
  • text - initial text of the label (must be string)
  • align - label text alignment

Return value: N/A


StartWindow.CreateLabel (0x0fff0000, 0,415,640,30, 'EXOFONT', '', 1)
Label = StartWindow.GetControl (0x0fff0000)
Label.SetText (GEMRB_VERSION) The above lines add the GemRB version string to the PST main screen.

See also: Window_CreateButton, Control_SetText

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