Prototype: GemRB.StatComment (Strref, X, Y)

Description: Replaces %%d’s with the values of X and Y in a string referenced by strref.

PST uses %%d values in place of tokens, thus it requires a special command. In other engines use GetString after setting the needed tokens with SetToken (if you need to set them at all).


  • Strref - a string reference from the dialog.tlk table.
  • X, Y - two numerical values to be replaced in place of %%d’s.

Return value: A string with resolved %%d’s.


def IntPress(): global Int, StatTable, TextArea TextArea.SetText (18488) intComment = StatTable.GetValue (Int, 1) TextArea.Append (GemRB.StatComment (intComment, 0, 0))

The above example comes directly from our PST script, it will display the description of the intelligence stat (strref==18488), adding a comment based on the current Int variable. StatTable (a 2da table) contains the comment strref values associated with an intelligence value.

See also: GetString, SetToken, Table_GetValue, Control_SetText,LoadTable, TextArea_Append

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