Prototype: GemRB.HideGUI ()

Description: Hides the game GUI (all windows except the GameControl window). It is also used before a major change is made on a GUI window to avoid flickering. After the changes, an UnhideGUI() command should be issued too.

A list of reserved names (variables) and what they hold:

  • MessageWindow - contains a TextArea for ingame messages/dialogue
  • OptionsWindow - a series of buttons for Inventory/Spellbook/Journal,etc
  • PortraitWindow - a series of portrait buttons
  • ActionsWindow - a series of buttons to Attack/Talk, etc.
  • TopWindow - unused (might be removed later)
  • OtherWindow - this window usually covers the GameControl, it is used to display maps, inventory, journal, etc.
  • FloatWindow - special window which floats on top of the GameControl

All these windows are associated with a position variable too, these are MessagePosition, OptionsPosition, etc. The position value tells the engine the window’s relative position to the GameControl GUI. The engine doesn’t make any distinction between these windows based on their reference name. The differences come from the position value:

  • -1 - no position (floats over GameControl)
  • 0 - left
  • 1 - bottom
  • 2 - right
  • 3 - top
  • 4 - bottom (cumulative)

Parameters: N/A

Return value: 1 on success

See also: UnhideGUI, Window_Invalidate, Window_SetVisible

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