Prototype: _GemRB.Control_SetEvent (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, EventMask, PythonFunction)

Metaclass Prototype: SetEvent (EventMask, PythonFunction)

Description: Ties an event of a control to a python function


  • EventMask - a dword describing the event. Its high byte is actually the control’s type.
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_PRESS = 0x00000000, the user pressed the button.
    • IE_GUI_MOUSE_OVER_BUTTON = 0x00000001, the user hovered the mouse over the button.
    • IE_GUI_MOUSE_ENTER_BUTTON = 0x00000002, the user just moved the mouse onto the button.
    • IE_GUI_MOUSE_LEAVE_BUTTON = 0x00000003, the mouse just left the button
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_SHIFT_PRESS = 0x00000004, the button was pressed along with the shift key.
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_RIGHT_PRESS = 0x00000005, the button was right clicked
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_DRAG_DROP = 0x00000006, the button was clicked during a drag&drop action.
    • IE_GUI_PROGRESS_END_REACHED = 0x01000000, the progressbar received a 100 percent value.
    • IE_GUI_SLIDER_ON_CHANGE = 0x02000000, the slider’s knob position has changed.
    • IE_GUI_EDIT_ON_CHANGE = 0x03000000, the text in the editbox has changed.
    • IE_GUI_TEXTAREA_ON_CHANGE = 0x05000000, the text in the textarea has changed.
    • IE_GUI_LABEL_ON_PRESS = 0x06000000, the label was pressed.
    • IE_GUI_SCROLLBAR_ON_CHANGE= 0x07000000, the scrollbar’s knob position has changed.
    • … See for all event types
  • PythonFunction - the callback function

Return value: N/A


  Bar.SetEvent (IE_GUI_PROGRESS_END_REACHED, EndLoadScreen)
def EndLoadScreen ():
  Skull = LoadScreen.GetControl (1)
  Skull.SetMOS ('GSKULON') The above example changes the image on the loadscreen when the progressbar reaches the end.

Button.SetEvent (IE_GUI_BUTTON_ON_PRESS, Buttons.YesButton) The above example sets up the 'YesButton' function from the Buttons module to be called when the button is pressed.

Button.SetEvent (IE_GUI_MOUSE_OVER_BUTTON, ChaPress) The above example shows how to implement 'context sensitive help'. The 'ChaPress' function displays a help text on the screen when you hover the mouse over a button.

See also: Window_GetControl, Control_SetVarAssoc, SetTimedEvent, accessing_gui_controls

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