Prototype: GemRB.SetButtonFlags (WindowIndex, ControlIndex, Flags, Operation)

Metaclass Prototype: SetFlags (Flags, Operation)

Description: Sets the Display Flags of a Button.


  • WindowIndex, ControlIndex - the control’s reference
  • Flags - various bits altering the behaviour of the control
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_NO_IMAGE = 0x00000001, no button image set by SetButtonSprites
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_PICTURE = 0x00000002, has picture set by other SetButton* commands
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_SOUND = 0x00000004, clicking the button has a sound
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_CAPS = 0x00000008, uppercase the button label
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_CHECKBOX = 0x00000010, it is a checkbox
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_RADIOBUTTON= 0x00000020, it is a radio button
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_DEFAULT = 0x00000040, it is the default button
    • IE_GUI_BUTTON_DRAGGABLE = 0x00000080, the image of the button is draggable?
  • Operation - bit operation to perform on the current button flags

Return value: N/A


GemRB.SetButtonFlags (window, button, IE_GUI_BUTTON_CHECKBOX, OP_OR) This command will make the button behave like a checkbox.

Button.SetFlags (IE_GUI_BUTTON_NO_IMAGE, OP_NAND) This command will re-enable the images of the button (making it visible).

See also: Button_SetSprites, Button_SetPicture, Button_SetBAM, bit_operation

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